Friday, June 20, 2008

QuickTest Professional (QTP) Questions and Answers Part 1

  1. Which scripting language used by QTP?
    Most of the newbie are confuse about this. In many place you will find that QTP uses VBscript, java script and other scripting language.
    Actually QTP is using only one language VB script. But it also provide access to its functions and properties thorough it object. That means you can use any other scripting language to access the QTP, but then you will not get the any benefit of its recording technique and other facilities provided by tool

  2. How many types of recording facility are available in QTP?
    QTP provides three types of recording methods
    1. Context Recording (Normal)
      It's by default option in the
    2. Low Level Recording
      This records somewhat more events than the above one. for example, suppose there is a application with Editbox that requires some input. So if you are using normal recording it will only record the charcter keys only and at one after you press TAB or after you start any other event. But if you are using Analog recording it will recorded some of non charcter keys too, like backspace Left Arrow, Right Arrow, etc...
      This is generally used when you are not able to record any of the object properly or when you want to record other events too.
    3. Analog Recording
      this is much more sensitive then above two. Means it is recording much more events than above two. Suppose if you have a application like MS paint and you want to record some drawing with mouse you will not be able to do this with the above two. You require this option to enable.
      There is a problem with this kind of recording that you will not be able to edit it once it will be recorded.
  3. What is Page checkpoint and How to add a page checkpoint to your test?
    The page checkpoint checks that the number of links and images in the page when you run your test is the same as when you recorded your test.

a. Locate the page where you want to add a page checkpoint.

b. Create a page checkpoint.
Right-click anywhere in the Active Screen, and choose Insert Standard Checkpoint. The Object Selection - Checkpoint Properties dialog box opens. Note that this dialog box may include different elements, depending on where you click in the Active Screen.

c. Save the test.

  1. What is the Diff between Image check-point and Bit map Check point?
    Image Checkpoints checks the properties of the image and not the Actual image. So Through image check points you can verify it index, ALT Tag, URL of the image.
    While the Bitmap check points actually checks the image Comparing bit by bit. Through this you can check the whole image or part of the image.
  2. How to Parameterize the QTP ?
    Click here for answer.


Anonymous said...

You posted "Actually QTP is using only one language VB script."

With QTP you can use Windows Script (VBScript, WSH, WMI etc.)

Unknown said...

Hi mark,
What I mean by "Actually QTP is using only one language VB script." is in QTP editor (Expert view ) You can Use Only VBScript. No other language then VBScript will work there. But yes you can use other scripting languages with Windows scripting engine to access QTP's other objects and functions from outside of the QTP. Am I Right ??

Sandip Gami said...

Hi Gaurang...
QTP provides interfaces to classes of objects built with different technologies" so where do I find these interfaces?


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